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Long before the creation of All Custom Embroidery, Charlotte Duncan worked as a teacher assisting students in learning essential job skills. She had always been interested in sewing and embroidery—producing beautiful things with her own hands.During one of the many fund raising school projects Charlotte was involved in, she endeavored to find a company to create low-cost, screen-printed T-shirts on behalf of her students. Most companies were over priced and did not attempt to be competitive, not even for a school fund raiser for special needs children. More and more, the projects turned into bigger ideas and thus began her plans to pursue them. After retiring from teaching, Charlotte Duncan and a close friend, Christy Julian, began formulating ideas and began acquiring machines to produce screen printing and an embroidery machine for various materials. With the addition of Cindy Walker to the team, success was assured! In March of 2008, All Custom Embroidery was created by both, Charlotte and Christy—a local Kentucky business, owned by women with strong ideals about good prices and great service.Over the years, their crew has grown to include family and friends, with the addition of Donnie Duncan, Charlotte’s husband, and eventually, Jim Burdine, a long-time family friend.

On one occasion, Charlotte was overheard saying: “All Custom Embroidery doesn’t just mean it’s name, it also stands for affordable, competitive, and experienced! It is something their company not only stands for, but believes.”
- Written by a friend of All Custom Embroidery

At All Custom Embroidery, we recognize that the members of our team are the company’s most valuable asset. We are proud of our staff and their dedication to making your experience with us the best possible, each time. Every member of our staff are highly trained individual with experience and knowledge in screen printing and embroidery crafting.

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